X-mas box cat Seven tasty snacks

X-mas box cat (1 Package)
X-mas box cat (1 Package)
X-mas box cat (1 Package)
X-mas box cat (1 Package)
1 Package
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The X-MAS BOX for dogs includes seven freeze-dried snacks with a total weight of 97g (weight before freeze-drying around 388g)


Composition of the package:

1 bag Organic salmon  (15g)

1 bag Duck breast  (15g)

1 bag turkey breast  (15g)

1 bag Beef sausage (15g)

1 bag deer (15g)

1 bag Chicken hearts (15g)

1 bag X-Mas cookies (7g)


Special features

  • Free from preservatives
  • Free from additives


Analytical components:

64 % raw protein, 29 % raw oils and fats, 1 % raw fibre, 4 % crude ash, 0 % NfE (~carbohydrates)


Feeding recommendation

To be given as a treat as required


Product information

Nutritional supplement for dogs
97kg in total


Analytische Bestandteile

64 % Protein, 29 % Fettgehalt, 1 % Rohfaser, 4 % Rohasche, 0 % NfE (~Kohlenhydrate)

Feeding recommendation

Als Leckerli nach Bedarf verfüttern.


Ergänzungsfuttermittel für Katzen
Paket mit in Summe 97g